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IT Services for the Telecommunications Industry


The telecommunications industry is ever evolving, transmitting secure digital information across various mediums to deliver a seamless experience to the customer. The sector is evolving at a rapid pace and telecommunications companies need to stay abreast with technology and develop strategies that are robust yet scalable.

Lionel states, “The backbone of any good telecommunications platform is a secure and reliable ICT foundation, partnering with a managed solutions provider, like BroadVision, provides the benefit of skilled resources at your fingertips that understand your business needs and goals. We are in the digital age, the 4th industrial revolution, were everything is data driven. Supporting, managing and protecting that data is key to building a sustainable business.”

What challenges does the Telecommunication industry face?

According to Lionel, the demand for service has grown at a rapid rate, end users want better quality data, voice and video that is secure and easily accessible. With that demand comes an increased demand on the infrastructure itself, telecommunications companies need to constantly evaluate their infrastructure to meet the demands while still managing costs and overheads. 

Regardless of the sector, cyber security should never be taken lightly. Cyber crime is increasing year on year, with the criminals evolving their techniques to challenge even the most complex systems. The telecommunications industry is no different and has the added pressure of compliance and data privacy to consider.

What is BroadVision’s experience in servicing the telecommunications industry and how can we help?

With 20+ years of experience, we provide ICT support to the telecommunications sector, as well as their end customers that are in various sectors, including banking, public and retail. Our managed IT services are innovative, and tailor made to suite the customer’s needs, every sector is different and requires experience and an understanding of the business to build a solution that is fit for purpose“, says Lionel.

In the telecommunications industry, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The industry is continuously evolving, and it will continue to do so into the future.

Security, mobility, scalability are the new trends that are fast becoming the new standards, the need to provide better service delivery, a convenient end user experience while still maintaining security will always pose a challenge. As system integrators, BroadVision has the skillset in house to manage the entire process end to end, allowing the business to focus on other key areas. Our goal is to help you streamline your business processes and support your digital transformation into the 4th industrial revolution.”

Equipment is correctly prepared, configured, and tested prior to shipping, this reduces the risk of unforeseen failures and ensures the equipment is configured correctly and ready for implementation. Keeping the project on schedule is crucial, so any out-of-box failures or incorrect configurations are flagged and corrected as soon as possible,“ he says.


“Why should you work with us? We are all about partnerships, ensuring seamless collaboration between customers, suppliers, and service providers. Combined with our long-standing relationships with the region’s largest multinational telecommunications companies and 20+ years’ experience, BroadVision offers innovative solutions that are robust, scalable, secure, and future proof.” he concludes.