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Managing Global Projects: A Structured Approach for Better Performance.


Deenan Arnachellan, a member of the Senior Management Team, explains how BroadVision successfully manages projects across the globe from their head office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Deenan highlights that BroadVision’s approach to project management is based on the 4 P’s, Proper Planning Prevents Problems. Key factors like collaboration, communication, teamwork and understanding the customer needs result in a seamless and successful implementation, regardless of the geolocation

What makes for a successful global project?

“There are many factors that contribute to a successful turnkey solution, even more when managing a project on another continent. Our team are well versed with 20+ years of experience, physical location is no longer a hurdle for them. A cohesive team and proactive communication are key for success, with every stage of the project managed with the customers’ expectations in mind.” shares Deenan

Deenan highlights that the BroadVision office, located in South Africa, supports global projects by working directly with teams on the ground, remote support teams, 3rd party vendors, and other internal departments throughout the lifecycle of the project. Embracing collaboration, BroadVision manages the processes necessary to streamline implementation while keeping all stakeholders updated throughout the project lifecycle.

Our plan is focused on reliable processes and tools that are in line with industry best practice, while maintaining BroadVision’s own high standards for designing, implementing, and supporting turnkey solutions. Regardless the size or geolocation of a project, BroadVision offers a full range of services to meet our partners’ needs.”

How does BroadVision ensure success with logistics and materials management?

Turnkey solutions, particularly those that span multiple geolocations, are known for logistical challenges and changing dynamics. Maintaining control, mitigating risks and proper timing is key for success. Deenan explains that BroadVision manages the procurement process using the highest standards, our logistics team ensures equipment is tested prior, shipped to site in a timely manner, while mitigating and managing any risk that surface.

Equipment is correctly prepared, configured, and tested prior to shipping, this reduces the risk of unforeseen failures and ensures the equipment is configured correctly and ready for implementation. Keeping the project on schedule is crucial, so any out-of-box failures or incorrect configurations are flagged and corrected as soon as possible,“ he says.


“From city centres to remote island resorts, BroadVision has 20+ years of experience in providing successful turnkey solutions across the globe. Rather than tackle the task alone, let us be your partner of choice, a single point of contact to assist you in achieving your organization’s goals anywhere in the world. You can trust us to manage your solution with fast, reliable and effective implementations on time, every time” he concludes.