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New Ways Technology Will Change Hotels in the Future


Many dream about what hotels will look in 5, 10 or even 50 years – they could be designed with augmented reality, optimised with artificial intelligence, make use of reshaping beds and robotic staff or voice control or even be on Mars. New trends in technology, science, energy, and entertainment will change the experience of staying in hotels beyond recognition. Together with renowned futurologist, James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures, here is a forecast of how travel and accommodation will change in the coming years.

1. Transformers

The next generation of individual orders is transforming hotels, which change their shape and design according to the preferences of visitors. These hotels will use nanotechnology and various mechanisms to form the environment, buildings and even entire worlds.

2. Temporary hotels

In the future, it will be possible not only to invest in a hotel, operating for a certain period of time but also to choose the location and design of the hotel. “Pop Up” hotels could be implemented with the help of 3D printers and advanced nanotechnology.

3. Personal avatars

Reservations could be made by a personal avatar of the guest. The avatar will play the role of a digital software agent looking for the best hotel deals. It will fulfil all requests related to the trip and check-in. The avatar will act as a sort of ‘Siri’ from Apple or as an ‘Alexa’ from Amazon – it will search, plan and book a trip. The avatars will be able to communicate, negotiate and develop all stages of the journey.

4. New generation ecohotels

Many hotels are already paying attention to energy saving and eco-security – in the future,  hotels will be fully autonomous and environmentally friendly. They will be characterized by a high level of energy saving, buy and sell energy from the global Renewable Energy Source, use only clean and safe products, use solar and geothermal energy technologies and boast a zero balance of carbon dioxide emissions.

Experts also believe that travellers booking rooms at such hotels will use the new digital currency. When booking a room, large sites will issue some virtual coins that can be used for other services. Hotels will use this currency to improve the environment.

5. Augmented reality hotels

Travellers will be able to stay in hotels that will be half physical and half virtual. If virtual reality is just an attempt to reproduce the real world, then augmented reality mixes the real world with virtual space.

Thanks to new technologies, millions of different scenarios are emerging – for example, guests will be able to go on safari’s in Africa or Machu Picchu in Peru without leaving their hotel.

Augmented reality hotels will make it possible to turn guests’ vacations into adventures, dramas or historical journeys. Visitors to such hotels will be able to get on a tour not only to the real places, but also to go on a trip to fantastic worlds.