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The Benefits of using SharePoint Online


The global trend of remote work is quickly becoming the new norm, but to maximise efficiency and provide a collaborative workspace certain policies, procedures and systems need to be embraced. That’s what Microsoft SharePoint Online is all about!

Did you know that 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint Online? But what exactly is SharePoint Online and why are these global leaders using it?

SharePoint Online is a SaaS solution which forms part of the Microsoft 365 suite, it’s designed with collaboration in mind and fit for businesses of all sizes. Think of SharePoint Online as your Intranet with endless possibilities, where you team can access the data and resources they need to ensure an efficient working environment. A central location that houses important documents, tools, resources, information, chat rooms, etc. Like most of the Microsoft 365 products, SharePoint Online is designed to be accessed anywhere, anytime, with web and mobile apps readily available.

Unlink its on-premise counterpart, SharePoint Online does not require on-premise hardware to deploy, a monthly or annual subscription on the Microsoft 365 platform is all that is required to get you started. Subscription models offer much better flexibility than their traditional Capex counterparts, ideal for any dynamic business.

Having an Intranet is great, but does not streamline work efficiency on its own. Integrating into the Microsoft 365 suite as well as other third-party platforms is just one of the ways SharePoint brings collaboration to life. Automating repetitive tasks using Power Automate.

and other built-in tools streamlines the workflow of what would be considered mundane day to day tasks, as well as reducing human error.

The benefits of cloud or SaaS solutions are many, but one concern that always raises questions is around Compliance and Security. Every organization, no matter how small should take Compliance and Security very seriously. Leveraging the resources that the Microsoft 365 suite offers greatly reduces the headache of managing the day-to-day governance, compliance and security requirements. From the identity management of Azure AD, Microsoft Defender for data security, Azure Information Protection and built in Compliance tools, it quickly becomes clear this is a suite designed with security in mind.

SharePoint Online provides a solution to assist organisations in their digital transformation. This transformation may seem like a daunting task but with a reputable partner by your side it doesn’t have to be. Let BroadVision, a leading SharePoint specialist assist with your organisation’s needs.