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What does it take to honour a guarantee of 99.9% uptime during a national rollout?


Alvina Kanaye, a member of the Senior Management Team, shares her insights into how BroadVision helps its clients expand and tap into new markets with its national rollout service, where new and emerging technology can make it easy to improve efficiency for a business and solve complex problems. Whether the company wants to improve efficiency in their processes or productivity, rolling out new technology for companies with multiple sites and encouraging people to use it can be challenging if you don’t have the right team to support you.

About the National Rollout?

“The National rollout is the process of implementing a new technology that solves a problem or improves a site’s infrastructure. Suppose a company has multiple sites that require changes to the existing infrastructure, it takes support, planning, and time for it all to work. In that case, you need a dedicated IT solutions company with a reputable, organised rollout team. A team that can not only install any infrastructure you need no matter the location but who will also maintain the network and infrastructure after the deployment,” she describes.

What challenges have you and your team faced?

“Not all National rollouts run smoothly. During some deployments, our engineers have faced challenges that have required some creative and quick ways to solve our clients’ problems.

We’ve had cases where our engineer goes to attend a job in a standard vehicle only to find out that he cannot access the site due to bad road conditions in some rural areas, in those cases we hire a 4×4 so that he can complete the project.”

With the onset of the global Covid19 pandemic, we’ve had to add yet other challenges to the list; there have been times when we have had to put our rollouts on hold due to companies closing on the day of an installation and with the most recent challenge being the global shortage of components which has played a significant role in the challenge we face with stock. ETAs on stock have been extended from 3 to 4 weeks to 8 to 10 weeks resulting in our planning to be restructured to keep meeting our projects completion deadlines.

Load shedding is another major issue that we face in South Africa. Within our SLA for our clients, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9%, serving as a lifeboat for companies who rely on being connected 24/7, especially during times of load shedding. We are dedicated to our client’s needs and will go above and beyond to make sure that we meet all our customers’ needs no matter the challenges that arise.

We solve the problems right away to get the call completed and on time.” explains Kanaye.

What makes a National Rollout successful?

Kanaye outlines that a successful National Rollout System is more than just project management. An effective rollout system will analyse task requirements, evaluate alternative solutions, keep track of available personnel, and provide status and summary reports for every deliverable. The success of any rollout is to provide a proven system of processes and methods that are relied on to reduce project costs and ensure timely project completion for the installation of all types of new technology and communication infrastructure services.

A national rollout can be smooth sailing with the right team on-hand to guide you. Having a plan and resources to drive the entire deployment process can be precisely what your company needs for a successful rollout.

You can trust BroadVision to plan, integrate and support technologies at scale across the country, from rural/remote areas to buzzing metropolitans, at one location or hundreds. We are experts in Nationwide Technology Rollouts.” She concludes.